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Business & Professional Courses:
Certificates and Diplomas to QCF Standards 
All candidates will be allocated a personal Assessor and supplied with all the necessary reading and assessment material. The Assessor will provide personal tutorial support at pre-arranged times, students will also be assessed in the workplace using observation, witness testimonies and professional discussion.
What are the benefits of these NVQs? 

Employees will benefit from: 
 *  A clearer understanding of their responsibility within their organisation 
 *  ŸThe opportunity to develop new skills 
 *  ŸThe recognition of existing skills
Employers will benefit from: 
 *  Improved staff performance and motivation 
 *  ŸImprovements in the quality of service to customers 
 *  ŸThe opportunity to ensure levels of service are to national standard 
 *  ŸImprovements in the quality and service provided